About us

Sovremen Dom AD is a shareholders’ company established in 1954 by Macedonian’s Government as a factory for furniture, located in Prilep, 140 km south of Skopje.
In 2002 the shares of the company are put on the stock, so that now 72% of the shares are owned by Mr. Aco Duduloski, and the remaining 28% of the shares are owned by other shareholders, i.e. they are divided among more than 400 shareholders.

The priority activity of the company is renting and managing with own real estate and property taken under lease (leasing), registered in foreign trade turnover, as well as expansion of the activity with the establishment of subsidiaries registered in Skopje and Prilep.

The company has registered several subsidiaries in both Skopje and Prilep.
- Plant for shoes “New Shoes” – Prilep and “Gazela” – Skopje
- Plant for manufacturing of other furniture – “Sovremen Dom” – Skopje
- Subsidiary “Sovremen Dom – Trans Prilep”, Warehouse goods “JCS-Sovremen Dom-Prilep” and others.

In the period from 1992 to 2003 within the company was “Bambus Oaza” – retail trade with Chinese goods such as toys for children, porcelain, decoration for New Year and Christmas, bamboo furniture etc., with more than 25 shops through Macedonia.

Authorities of management and leadership
The company has a single management system.
The company is managed and led by:
1. Shareholders’ assembly
2. Board of Directors (1 Executive and 2 Independent members of the Board of Directors).
CEO is the General Manager without restrictions Mr. Aco Duduloski.

With the consolidation of the ownership structure during 2004 and 2005, the fundaments for real company development have been created. In order to maintain the useful value of the facilities and their infrastructure, they are used for rent, and part of them are being adapted gradually, thus creating conditions for organizing modern manufacturing.
The aims of the company is to manufacture, distribute and sell goods with quality, design and price according to customers’ needs, with conditions for modern, attractive and organized production.
Beginning with the end of 2011, the company is undergoing a new experience in its history – working with brands taken under franchise. For that purpose the company has registered its daughter-companies in Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Albania. More about these companies can be found at www.sdbestfashion.com